Adult Education Student Published

Adult Education Student soon to be published in the CHANGE AGENT

June 2014

I’m excited to announce that one of our students in an advanced English class, Sandra F. Cañez, has had her story chosen for publication in the next issue of the CHANGE AGENT!

We’ve been utilizing the CHANGE AGENT for years in our classes, but it’s especially exciting to see a teacher bring the resource into the class and turn it into an opportunity for students to be published.

Adult Education has a subscription for paper copies, as well as the online version. The online version is a great classroom resource as many of the stories have audio and video attached to the print story. The last time we had PCAE students published in the CHANGE AGENT was too many years ago. See March 2008 issue. By the way, did you know you have access to back issues (electronically) in the Civics shared file on nas-1 network files?

Ismet, Julissa and Maria Eugenia all spoke about their experiences with Democracy in the U.S.  They were all accomplished student Ambassadors who testified at local, state, and national events.  Both Julissa and Maria Eugenia have gone on to successful community organizing careers and the last time I saw Ismet, he was getting ready to graduate with his Dental Assistant degree. He worked full time, right next to District, at the TGIF’s until the day it closed and just before he graduated.

I will let you know when Change Agent piles start arriving at the centers… it would be great if you helped spread the word about Sandra’s article, congratulate her and share how you’ve used this resource in your classes.

From her teacher Hazel:

I was introduced to Change Agent in my ELAA PLC by Barb and Wendy. It seemed like such a good way to motivate my advanced ELAA students to write for a reason and possibly for publication. Over the course of the last session, we looked at the most recent issue, #38, that focused on immigration ( We read some of the articles and, as well, focused on that last page where they issue their call for submission for the next issue (

That issue, coming soon, will be focused on food- all the wonderful things about food, as well as health issues, food security and the global and environmental implications of food. We spent time in class talking about the sample questions to consider from the call and then every student picked a question or two to write about. Students did multiple drafts and in the end a few students elected to send their final drafts in to the CHANGE AGENT. To her surprise, Sandra F. Cañez, was contacted a few weeks ago with an email announcing that her story had been selected for publication! She is thrilled and she is now in the process of doing the final edits that the CHANGE AGENT suggested, as well as sending in her bio and photo.

Acrobat Document


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