Denver Bound!

Next Tuesday, Americorps members Matias Rodriguez and Israel Gonzalez are joining the PCAE leadership team to attend and present at the National COABE conference in Denver.
“It will be the first time that I’m flying. But that’s not what I’m nervous about- I’m more nervous about the presentations!”, says Matias. He’ll be presenting three times and Israel will be presenting twice. “We’ve been getting a lot of practice public speaking – with intakes, student orientations and LULAC…  It’s exciting, it’s nerve-wracking, but that’s all practice, you know”, commented Israel.

They are both fathers seeking their HSE diplomas while serving as  full-time AmeriCorps service members who speak in public regularly in their roles as student leaders and trained Ambassadors. In preparation for these presentations, they have become experts in the field of adult education and what works – student voice and agency, peer mentors and coaching, and reaching for higher goals through serving the community.

Below are digital stories created by Israel and Matias, which they will be incorporating into their presentations:

Thank you both for representing PCC’s Adult Education Program!  Good luck and we look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

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