Navigators helped Students Bridge to College & Career success!

Navigators helped Students Bridge to College & Career success!

“This Bridge class has taught me math I did not know and also taught me about the options I have at Pima College. I know now that there are a lot of opportunities I didn’t know about before.”

“This class has been great. I’ve been able to learn a lot of new things that I might have learned at one point of my life but didn’t remember. I can actually see myself passing my GED test and maybe placing better on the COMPASS test. “

“I am now encouraging my wife to re-enter school.”

“This class is important to me because it helps me prepare for future classes at Pima.”

We were honored to receive a City of Tucson grant this fiscal year for $65,273 to develop and implement a Bridge to College and Career (BCC) program. It was designed to promote College and Career success skills among students preparing for their High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma at PCC. A student who is ready for college and career can qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses without the need for remedial or developmental coursework. The BCC Program served just over 100 students testing at 9th grade level or above (in at least two subject areas out of Math, Reading, and Writing). Program participants participated in career and college-focused lessons, supplemental classes, one-on-one advising, and referral to career and college resources. As a result, participants’ basic educational and job-readiness skills increased.

The Bridge to College and Career (BCC) program targeted high-level Adult Education students in need of developing their college and career readiness along with their basic academic skills. To that end, the BCC Career Navigators worked individually with students; in addition, Career Navigators worked with Instructors in high-level Adult Education classes to offer college and career readiness workshops.  Finally, the BCC program offered intensive, targeted Bridge classes for students beginning to transition to credit classes at PCC.

Highlights include:

  • Exploration of potential career pathways; workshops on resume-writing; support in goal-setting; exploration of library job help
  • Career Fairs at two large learning centers, in collaboration with Pima County OneStop, PCC occupational programs, and other community partners
  • Field Trips to PCC Campuses to tour occupational training programs (Pharmacy Tech, Aviation, Truck Driving, Center for Training and Development)
  • Workshops on GED test-taking tips, utilizing the Arizona Career Information System, and on note-taking skills
  • Support in navigating MyPima student portal

The BCC program achieved the following outcomes:

  • 78% of program participants achieved an educational gain before exiting the program. An educational gain is approximately an increase of 2.4 grade levels or more.
  • 100% of program completers showed an increase in college readiness skills as measured by a pre- and post-perception survey.
  • 29% of program participants took the Compass test (required PCC placement test)
  • 45% of program participants completed one AzCIS career inventory. 100% of participants did some career exploration activity.
  • 30% of participants began the GED testing process by taking the GED Ready practice test and/or taking at least one subject of the official GED test. 17 students have passed at least one subject of the official GED test. 6 students successfully passed the GED exam.
  • 18% of participants enrolled in credit-bearing classes at Pima Community College

The addition of Career Navigators to the Bridge to College and Career program has increased the impact of the BCC program significantly. Career Navigators are ensuring that all high-level Adult Education students have the skills and support needed to be ready to transition to college and career as soon as they pass the GED exam. Career Navigators were able to target and reach out to high-level students individually, which we had never had the capacity to do before. As a result of the in-class lessons co-taught by Navigators, more students than ever are seeking out the Navigators for career exploration and college readiness support. This has led to an articulated, supported career readiness pathway that begins with orientation for Adult Education students and ends when they transition to college or career training.


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