What will WIOA funds be used for this year?

July 30, 2015

What will we do with the extra $600,000 WIOA award this year?

In a Nutshell:

Program Wide TABE 9/10 online:   The purpose is to transition into using TABE  9/10 online for all ABE/ASE students.

Award – about a $100,000

  1. Hire a Testing Manager R Chelsea James
  2. Backfill HSE testing with current examiners and staff
  3. A few highlights:
  • Buy online tests
  • Ensure equipment in testing locations will work
  • Train staff (centers and campuses)
  • Develop a new pre and posttest processes
  • Coordinate with the OneStop
  • Start pretesting online by March 2016
  • Full implementation for pre and post testing by July 1, 2016

Development & Implementation of Career Pathways for ABE/ASE:  The purpose of this initiative is to build capacity for more IBEST programs at PCC; we are looking at Business & Trades.

Award – about $230,000

  1. Hire IBEST Coordinator (C41) and a Student Services Technician (A13)
  2. A few highlights:
  • Introduce and train college and ABECC staff on what IBEST is
  • Explore options for new IBEST programs
  • Document process for recruitment, assessment, implementation and evaluation

Development & Implementation of Bridge Programming for ABE/ASE/ELAA: The purpose of this initiative is to build ABECC to help all levels and all learners transition into career pathways.

Award – about $230,000

  1. Hire Curriculum Coordinator (C42), PL Coordinator (C41), a teacher (C41) and Coaching expertise
  2. A few highlights:
  • Developing CCR curriculum for ALL classes
  • Develop ABECC pathways
  • Lots of training to support teachers

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