We will be fine…

I thought I would share my message to our Adult Basic Education Division this morning…
Good morning,
I imagine that many of you and your students will have very mixed emotions about the election results.  That’s O.K and those mixed feelings and diverse opinions are what makes the United States of America great.  Listen to your colleagues and students with kindness and understanding.  In America, we honor election results and the democratic process.  We don’t tolerate sore losers or winners.  Take the opportunity, if it comes up, to teach about the process, the difference between local, state and federal elections… what each branch of government can or cannot do.  Don’t let assumptions rule your classroom, the majority of Americans are not racist or sexist or whatever the messages may be.
Here are some things to consider:
  • Teach a math lesson today
  • Embrace one another; protect your students and your center
  • Teach others how to speak up and advocate
  • Model tolerance and understanding
  • Teach others how to be responsible members of society; how to research facts; how to form valid arguments
  • Be nonpartisan
  • Advocate for your students and for education
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the results, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Comfort and protect each other… we will be fine.


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