For more than 45 years, first Pima County Adult Education (PCAE) and then Pima College Adult Education and NOW Adult Basic Education for College & Career has provided adult learners in Pima County with opportunities to increase basic skills, prepare for earning a High School Equivalency Diploma, take the GED® test, learn English language skills, increase their civic involvement and develop the readiness skills to transition to further education, jobs and vocational training.

After the passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in July 2014, we are embarking on a transition: to develop additional types of programming like Bridge and IBEST classes and programs; deeper and more articulated connections to the OneStop, as well as other WIOA mandated core partners.  We want to make it very clear to internal and external audiences what our vision is … for our students and for our program.

Adult Basic Education for College & Career  

Our work continues to be possible because of community collaborations with students, local governments, school districts, social service agencies, local businesses, community-based organizations and many others.

We build partnerships in education with students and the community that acknowledge and utilize the experience, wisdom and needs of adult learners.

Our emphasis on quality has resulted in the development of an exemplary program, recognized locally, statewide and nationally for its excellence.  Our division benefits from the services of some of the most creative, talented and dedicated adult educators in the field.

Adult-education Video



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