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Adult Education made me a Better Father

Adult Education made me a Better Father
Every time I meet a student, I fall in love with adult education all over again.  I can cite the statistics, the needs of our students,  the challenges they have faced,  the economic benefit of our programs — all of it.  But it’s the personal stories from students that bring it all home for me.
I’ve been lucky to get to know Israel Gonzalez — he’s our graduation speaker tonight.
He could have easily been a statistic  — but one about drop outs, one about crime, one about poverty.   Instead — he is a success story.
It was his mentors, his family and his will and determination that brought him to adult education.  It was those same people and personal characteristics along with great teachers and staff in our adult education program that helped him stay.  It could have been his participation in a digital story class that kept him in school this time; it could have been a wonderful teacher who cared; perhaps his participation in AmeriCorps serving our community; it could have been his desire to be a better father.   He was exposed to all those opportunities in PCC’s Adult Education Program.
I’ve seen Israel transform while in adult education… from shy to confident… from a student to a teacher…. and finally, from a follower to a leader.
I have no doubt he will continue on his educational journey as he builds his leadership skills.  I can’t wait to see what he does next!
Listen to Israel who is speaking to graduates tonight at 7:00 pm at the TCC Leo Rich Theatre.


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