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Arizona Adult Literacy Week: Day at the Capitol 2018

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I was lucky to travel with a couple of awesome students for a visit to the Capitol during Arizona Adult Literacy Week.   Thank you to staff who helped arrange the visits and thank you to Isabelle and Haziel for telling your adult education story.

Read my guest blogger’s account of the day.

My Day at the Capitol during Arizona Literacy Week

by Haziel Lopez

Adult Education was a promising stepping stone in my life as it opened up many doors for me. I joined a student leadership council which prepared me in taking initiative during tough or hectic moments as well as having the courage to find a voice or even teach others to find their own when they feel that they aren’t capable of it. Though I have now moved on to continue my education at Pima college, I was still acknowledged for my success and given the amazing opportunity to share my experience with Arizona State Legislators on the benefits of Adult Education! Meeting with the Arizona Legislators was an amazing experience as it gave me better insight on the political environment and how it plays a key role in our day to day lives. I found this meeting to be very rewarding because not only was I there to help represent Adult Education and share a little bit about my background but the Senators and Representatives shared a story as well. It was comforting to know that they knew where I was coming from and that my story was relatable. Though I was a bit anxious to meet with people of such high political stature, getting to know them face to face made speaking to them a lot easier. We laughed and also cried together and given that we met briefly, I found the time spent to have been very empowering and moving. Though this was meant as a way to let Legislators know the importance of Adult Basic Education, I found this to be an amazing experience as I had a lot of fun doing it! I would really like to encourage others who understand the importance of education to not only represent it, but to appreciate it as well. Education is not just important, but it is endless as well. You never stop learning which is what makes education so vital. Adult Education really gives people a second chance to achieve their dreams and to represent something as valuable as that is always something in itself to treasure.




Future adult educators?

Future adult educators?

I had the good fortune of presenting to Dr. Patty Anders  Family and Community Literacy Class this morning at the University of Arizona.  Students were interested in adult basic literacy and adult education, correctional education, and juvenile education.  I’m optomistic after my 25 year career that perhaps the next instructors, managers, or even Deans are in that group of hopeful students.

I was please to share with them what some of the issue are, what we do at Pima, and a few of my favorite stories.

Below find the link to Matias’ story along with a few other resources that may be useful.


NCL information and link



According to CLASP, “Although federal adult education has traditionally been supplemented by sizeable state-level matching funds, a decline in federal and state funding for adult education has resulted in states serving only fraction of the students—2 million out of 93 million—who could benefit from services”[i] (CLASP, 2012).

See the fourteen minute advocacy story “We are Adult Education” video link https://vimeo.com/9186597

http://www.coabe.org/ Why adult education matters

Matias’ Digital story, along with others, on the support adult education channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/supportadulted